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“I met Ingrid at a networking event some time ago and she was so excited about her craft as a presentational vocal coach, that I asked her to teach a class for a group of 40 entrepreneurs on how to present like a pro, which everyone’s exceptions were exceeded because of her delivery, skill and energy/passion. 

I also hired Ingrid for several one-on-one sessions because I had a number of speaking engagements and wanted do a good job on each. Ingrid is great at teaching people how to be great presenters/performers. She is also very fun and she really cares about her clients. As a result of working with her I delivered GREAT presentations at each of my speaking engagements. Thank You Ingrid. 

I look forward to working with Ingrid again.”

– Lloyd Cambridge‬‬, Director at NYC Business Solutions

“I have attended Ingrid’s Vocal Classes to improve my basic communication skills for my business purposes. I received lot of feedback from my manager earlier around my communication, as at initial meetings, I was not always understood by Americans. This was somewhat attributed to my Indian Origin. After attending Ingrid’s classes for approx 3 months, I got lot of positive feedback around my communication. Now people (and most importantly my American Clients) were able to understand me at first go. I am able to make more impact in my discussions with Clients. Ingrid is very helpful and very encouraging. Her techniques really work. And most importantly she knows what she teaches. Attending Ingrid’s Classes seems like one of the most important decisions of my life which I took at right moment. I really enjoyed the time I spent during our sessions and really learned a lot from the sessions. I have made a great start on this journey and now I have to go on and on….Thanks Ingrid for all your help. I will relish the time we spent together for long time.”

– Hitender Arora, IT Professional, Senior Technical Manager, HCL Technologies, Dehli India

“Ingrid is an outstanding vocal and speech coach. She cares about her students and puts 100% into each session. I have seen fantastic results in audience reaction to my speeches since studying with her. I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

– Robert Kiggens, Partner-Culhane Meadows PLLC

“Working with Ingrid, I developed vocal and presentation skills, as well as more confidence. I quickly felt the difference and got positive feedback from my coworkers, confirming the difference!”

– Rebecca Wilson, Lead Manager, Branding and Consumer Strategy at AXA

“This woman is amazing and you will benefit in every way after she teaches you how to communicate.  I have seen great things happen!”

– Charli Yandolino, Event Coordinator Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Science

“Dear Ingrid, Thank you so much for working with the OppNet students the past 3 weeks. Your coaching, advice and guidance will undoubtedly be hugely helpful as these students continue to grow as professionals. I’m blown away by your insight, patience, and energy!! We were so lucky to have you this year.”

– Megan Nestor, Program Director, The Opportunity Network


Vocal Development and Communication for Singers, Actors, and Speakers


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