Ingrid offers:
  • Individualized instruction
  • Learn how to sing effortlessly
  • Perfect the song of your choice to your unique vocal sound
  • Develop your breathing to really support your voice
  • Access vocal training tips that you can use immediately
  • Strengthen your voice through relaxation techniques

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Take advantage of the following lesson packages:

  • 4-Pack of 1 hour lessons – (Good for 2 months)
  • 8-PackĀ of 1 hour lessons – (Good for 4 months)
  • 12-Pack of 1 hour lessons – (Good for 6 months)

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Webinar & Skype Coaching For People On The Go!

For busy people who want fast improvements in getting your message heard with your strong, clear voice. Improve your vocal capabilities in a first-time-ever program designed to optimize your time in 20-minute sessions either in-studio or via Skype from the comfort of your own home or office!
January 2018 – 4 Week Workshop. Click here for more information.

If you’re using your voice to further your career as a singer, performer, or public speaker, you know how vital it is to work from your best vocal capability.

GET ENERGIZED – To BOOK that job; To CONNECT to new clients; To CREATE new business.

You’ve got to be able to Breathe Properly, Reach your Full Vocal Potential, have more Stamina, Relaxation, Confidence, and more POWER for projection. I know that all too well, as I am an active speaker and performer myself.

By working with the same proprietary Controlled Relaxation technique that has been used by many prominent entertainment and business professionals, you can expand your vocal range AND your career!

As a vocal instructor for more than 20 years, I know how to work with students to help them reach their vocal potential quickly.

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