Foreword to Basic Exercises by David Sorin Collyer

I have devised these exercises to be done prior to singing and to condition the vocal mechanism in order to get the most out of the vocal instrument with the least amount of effort.

The vocal cords are muscles therefore, we approach these exercises as vocal gymnastics.  We isolate the muscles in the various parts of the body and then we coordinate them into combinations that we know are ideal to get the most out of the vocal potential.

A unique combination of medical, artistic and yoga principles are used to attain maximum results. Controlled relaxation is obtained by conditioning the reflexes.

“Good posture is our goal!”

All the muscles in the body must be strong and flexible as opposed to being strong and rigid. We not only relax the body, but we relax the mind as well, the two are inseparable. A rigid body causes a rigid mind and conversely a rigid mind causes a rigid body. It is of utmost importance to enjoy and have fun while executing these exercises!

“Relax and let yourself go!”

This discipline is not the usual, conventional or traditional approach to training the voice. After having done vast research medically, physically, philosophically, and artistically, I have come to these conclusions which have attained unusual results in all fields of vocal communications.

This method has attained irrefutable excellent results in the following fields: – Opera, Lieder or art songs, musical comedy, popular, rock, disco and country singing . . . In addition to all forms of speaking: -teachers, preachers, sales personnel, executives ad infinitum.