“I knew well the importance of breathing to well-being, and taking it one step further, poise and self-confidence. But I couldn’t muster the discipline to change my ways until Ingrid Saxon set it to music. I took two of her workshops and it made an extraordinary difference. The sessions were fun, the students diverse and I learned a great deal that I continue to apply today. I also enjoy singing in a way I never did before now that I can hit a few more notes.”

– Claire R. Wilson, Media savvy writer, NY Times editor

“After taking a long hiatus from performing, I was experiencing difficulties with my voice, and my confidence was way down. A longtime friend of mine, a wonderful singer, highly recommended that I try Ingrid’s method. Though my friend was not her student, he had heard glowing recommendations from his friend who had the highest praise for Ingrid.

What I love and respect about Ingrid is that she is always positive, full of energy and upbeat, not only for voice, but in dealing with life in general.

She is kind and compassionate, and always supportive. Her method, that her father developed, is unique and effective. Moreover, she gives of herself totally and from the heart, every time.

I’m so glad that I met her and I’m happily continuing lessons with her. Every time I have a lesson with Ingrid I feel that my batteries have been recharged, and I leave her feeling very positive.

I strongly recommend Ingrid to anyone, not just singers, but anyone who needs to strengthen their voice for singing or for speaking — whether for acting, announcing, voice overs, public speaking, or just everyday life.”

– Miho, actor, singer

“I met the Ingrid Saxon on an Elevator in 2008. I was about to perform for the first time and was petrified. She helped draw me out of one of my shyest times and empower my voice beyond its musical qualities, which were magnified by her work, but she helped build my confidence to know that my voice had staying power. Ingrid nurtured the performer I hoped was in there somewhere and help me share “her” with others. These are tools that have stayed with me as a speaker and teacher. I will always be grateful that Ingrid believed in me when I just needed that nudge forward. She is the best there is in her industry, and I’m so blessed by the one elevator ride that led me to her. I love you, Ingrid!”

– Xian Horn – Instructor at NYU’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities, Young Women’s Program

“Oh thank you so much Ingrid!!! I am really, really proud of the record. And, SO grateful for your contribution to my vocal training! I really couldn’t have done it without YOU!

We cut the vocals today and they absolutely ROCKED! I sang all the harmonies too (including sevenths!!!) and the track is bursting with joy! Next Monday we record the washboard and accordion, and les bontemps roullez!!! Our session yesterday really helped me prepare, and Tom commented on how much my range, pitch and breath control have improved over the past two years – thanks to you! I am eternally grateful and can’t wait to share the finished record which your coaching has done so much to improve.”

– Barrett Zinn – Singer Songwriter

“Dear Ms. Saxon, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to spend some time with my OppNet peers and me. It was a real pleasure to have you. I am also thankful for the several techniques that you shared with the group as well as with me in order to perfect our public speaking. Once again it was great having you and I hope to keep in touch.”

– Shatiek, OppNet Fellow, High School of Economics & Finance

“I can’t thank Ingrid enough for her wonderful coaching to help me improve my voice. I came to Ingrid feeling that my voice would always be strained and unheard whenever I needed to speak with volume. I’m a firefighter who needs to be heard over loud equipment and now, not only do I have the skill and strength to project my voice, I also have the confidence that I will be heard when I need to be heard. What a relief this is! In working with Ingrid, I also learned to sing notes on pitch. This is something I never, ever thought I would be able to do!! Ingrid has opened up a whole new world to me by showing me what is possible with my voice and increasing my confidence when speaking to others. Ingrid’s knowledge and passion for her work is evident in every lesson and her enthusiasm is contagious; I would often go into my ‘last’ lesson with her only to be so energized and excited by the progress that we were making that I would sign up for more lessons. My work with Ingrid has been an extremely enjoyable experience.”

– Melissa Brady

“Just recorded my 2nd Documentary and was thinking of you the whole time. Thanks for your great teaching and breathing exercises. I STOOD for the entire reading and surprised myself. Always thinking of the diaphragm and the breathing!”

– Susan Louise Scherman, General Manager/Conductor, The Robert Lawrence Orchestra

“Ingrid helped me to go forward!”
– Claire Barry, The Barry Sisters

“How nice it is to work with someone so dedicated to their art, so willing to share their knowledge, and so encouraging to other performers. I want to talk this time to say thank you for your incredible vocal guidance. You really helped with making my CD. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you.”

– Peter Calo-Producer- Singer/Songwriter“– for Carly Simon, Linda Eder, Jimmy Webb

“It’s not about the singing as a business person. It’s the power of my voice that develops confidence in my ability to impact on my clients.”

– Trish Rubin, The Edventures Group

“Ingrid’s system gives me the power to make technically sound and musically colorful choices when performing my songs. As far as my career goes, this is the most important relationship in my life.”

– Enid, singer, song writer

“My husband and I first met Ingrid Saxon at her parent’s home. She was ten years old and bright, beautiful and talented. She is still bright, beautiful and talented and, in addition, she has become one of the finest singing teachers in New York. Ingrid is a rare blend of brains and talent, along with her gorgeous singing voice to complete the picture. She has a beautiful heart as well, and we are proud and happy to call her our friend.”

– Arlene Martell, singer, jingles

“As a performer, Ingrid glows and sweeps us into her magic and as a knowledgeable informed teacher, she empowers and guides her students with the same devotion that she gives to her friends and her family. We are privileged to be in her life.”

– Jana Klenburg, award winning actress, author, artist

“Ingrid is delightfully entertaining and a polished performer with a big, well-trained voice. Perfect pitch . . .”

– Tom Attea, composer, ad executive

“Ingrid Saxon is an extraordinary performer and teacher. I have known her since she was very young and have watched her grow into a seasoned professional in both fields. Ingrid has performed as a singer/actress in several of my works produced in New York. She played Sister Celia in “Brush Arbor Revival” directed by Neal Kenyon, winner of the Drama Desk Award for “Dames at Sea.” Performing the role of a very coquettish Eve in my musical presentation “In The Beginning . . . Readings and Music of Creation” she performed Mark Twain’s “Diary of Eve.” She also has sung in my Christmas show “Bending Towards The Light . . . A Jazz Nativity” the Christmas story told through the medium of jazz greats such as Lionel Hampton, Tito Puente and Dave Brubeck. I am also a voice teacher and coach and have found it very exciting to work with her pupils. Her technique of vocal production brings amazing results.”

– Anne Phillips, voice teacher, coach, faculty Jazz and Contemporary Music Dept. NYU

“I’ve known Ingrid Saxon for many years. I’ve performed in concert with her, rehearsed with her, been in a play with her, and sent her voice students. Ingrid is above all, fun. She’s so much fun, that we spend a lot of time laughing, onstage or off. She’s a totally fearless performer (I wish I were so fearless) and has the audience deeply in the palm of her hand. I wouldn’t hesitate to send her voice students. But hey, why should they have all the fun?”

– Jonathan Segal, pianist/singer

“Ingrid Saxon knows about the voice.”

– Bruce Brown, NBC, Announcer in TV Nation

“Ingrid has taught for me at the Broadway Training Center of Westchester and has proven herself to be not only a knowledgeable teacher, but a big hearted one as well. Ingrid taught our students with sensitivity and compassion while pushing and prodding them to reach for new experiences as singers and performers. Ingrid has a thorough understanding of the vocal apparatus and is clear in her instruction to the students. She exhibits the strongest professionalism and grace in her work while taking each student from where they are presently. She is careful to attention and teaches a technique that is safe and holistic, one that would benefit any singer, novice to professional.

I would highly recommend Ingrid for any student or organization that is interested in her. She would be an asset for any company.”

– Mark Ruhala, artistic director BTC, performer

“Thank You for everything you have done to make me yawn and stick my tongue out.”
– Polina Liss – MD.


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