In over 20 years of teaching in NYC Ingrid has helped hundreds of people using the same proprietary method Controlled Relaxation developed by her father, David Sorin-Collyer, which has been used by literally thousands of singers, actors, dancers, speakers including many celebrities such as; Michael Bolton, Paul Simon, Liza Minelli and Bette Midler, just to name a few.

“During the first session, you will get the basic concept on how to bring out your true voice and become a more powerful speaker or singer while relaxing. Besides her powerful techniques, Ingrid is very warm hearted, insightful and an absolutely amazing person.”
Melissa Brady
“Ingrid is very helpful and very encouraging. Her techniques really work. And most importantly she knows what she teaches.”
Hitender Arora- IT Professional
“I enjoyed myself and the class! I loved how the exercises are to improve the voice. Thank you for coaching every single one of us!”
“Dear Ingrid, Thank you so much for working with the OppNet students. Your coaching, advice and guidance will undoubtedly be hugely helpful as these students continue to grow as professionals. I’m blown away by your insight, patience, and energy!”
Megan Nestor
“I am also thankful for the several techniques that you shared with the group as well as with me in order to perfect our public speaking. It was great having you.”
Shatiek, OppNet Fellow, High School of Economics & Finance
“Ingrid helped me to go forward!”
Claire Barry


Professional Actress, New York City - SAG AEA AFTRA

. “I love watching the ’A-Ha Moments’, and seeing my student’s self esteem, confidence, and charisma grow!” – Ingrid

Sing Out! by Ingrid Saxon

I’m a vocal coach. I work with performers and business professionals – to get the most out of their vocal potential and presentational skills. My method, Controlled Relaxation, is a very active body awareness technique. We work with the whole body, because if there’s tension anywhere in the body, including tension in what we think, it affects the vocal cords. As it is the time to get our voices on, we need to honor the vessel that works with us to get out our unique message.

We are wind instruments; we’re after an unimpeded passage of air. By re-training the muscle-memory through the use of repeating exaggerated movements and deep abdominal yoga breath, you are able to reach vocal potential. So many women are unaware of what they can achieve vocally. When they first hear their “True Voice”, it can be a very powerful and life-changing experience!

Many women were raised to be ladylike, agreeable, and not encouraged or taught how to express their most powerful voice. Freedom, healing, and pure joy are experienced when we discover and produce our authentic voice! What a transformation!

We all want to be accepted and loved, and the mistake we make is we try to fit in, to please, and to conform. Through the acceptance of lack and limiting thoughts and ideas that often place us in stereotypical roles as women, we create a life of what we believe is conventional “adult” behavior. This manifests as speaking too softly, speaking in monotone, not speaking distinctly, and rushing through our talks and our words. We feel that what we have to say isn’t important, or that “I have so much content to cover in a short amount of time” — so we rush! Don’t rush! What you have to say is important! YOU know what you’re going to say, but don’t forget, it’s you audience’s first time hearing it.
Take your time and breathe! When you breathe, not only do you feel relaxed, but you give your audience permission to relax and take in what you’ve just said. We have to re-connect with our child-like sense of freedom and play. Pitch and rhythm variation makes all the difference in holding your audience’s attention.

Whether a performance, speaking engagement, business meeting or maybe a necessary “talk” with family or friends, here are some tips to empower you:

  • Practice singing your presentation!
  •  Your body language speaks volumes, so work with “As If”. For example: Act like royalty or a super hero, and you’ll feel the difference in your body language. Your “as if”, when practiced enough, will become your reality.
  •  Take every fearful thought and say the opposite. You will create a positive affirmation. In the beginning, you might not believe the statement. You may feel like you’re lying. You might choke through the words. Keep at it, and before you know it, your positive thought will become your reality. You’ll start to know that truth about yourself: that You Are a Powerful Woman, A Dynamic Communicatorwho has a Powerful Message that we’re all waiting to hear!

Sing Out to Your Best Voice!