“I really enjoyed your rendition of ‘Come In From The Rain’.”

– Melissa Manchester

“She’s A Powerhouse.”

– Buzzy Linhart

“How nice it is to work with someone so dedicated to their art, so willing to share their knowledge and so encouraging to other performers. Ingrid Saxon is a virtuoso of her instrument, her voice. She soars when belting out a showstopper or she can tenderly capture the nuances in a ballad.

Ingrid’s talent and love for her art are demonstrated every time she performs.”

– Peter Calo, producer “A Lot Of Livin’ To Do”, guitarist (Hairspray, Carly Simon)

“Popular Music is our Soul, it’s our Universal language. Singing popular songs is the easiest way for Americans to understand Eastern thought or philosophy. They are like our Mantra which we sing over and over again to center ourselves. Using this methodology, the door to being balanced, joyful and at peace is recognizable.”

– Tyler Hill, Barclays Capital

“A Gorgeous and a wonderful actress, Ingrid Saxon”

– Mirka Murrell co-host Rinconcito Panameno

“I think Ingrid Saxon has a great voice and I also like the production very much.”

– Günter Haas, German dance mix engineer, Guitarist, Sara Brightman

“Please thank Ingrid for recording our song. I enjoyed her rendition.”

– Maxyne Lang, Rodgers & Hammerstein Music Company, Williamson Music Company

“I did listen thru your CD, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your voice is wonderful, with good technique, lots of energy and an excellent sense of pure entertainment. I was particularly impressed with how well the repertoire you selected fit your vocal talents; many people select material that they love, but which is beyond their technical or emotional capabilities.”

– Wayne Wadhams, Boston Skyline Records, Singer “Fifth Estate”, Producer “Full Circle” Epic/SONY, Professor, Berklee College

“Ingrid has a strong voice, most identifiable and individual voice, not like every kind … there’s something here.”

– Eddy Pumer, Record Producer, Guitarist/Songwriter Kaleidoscope, UK

“Your CD makes me wanna fall in love again. Captain Daryl Dragon says I am sentimental about the era. I am.”

– Geof Blumenauer