“During the first session, you will get the basic concept on how to bring out your true voice and become a more powerful speaker or singer while relaxing. I was better able to understand what has been creating a blockage in the voice passage while speaking or singing and a blockage in the air passage while breathing. When the body is tense, that creates a blockage in the voice passage and air passage, which makes the body even more tense. Imagine how you project yourself when you are able to get rid of the blockage in the air passage and voice passage and how much more you would be relaxed! Besides her powerful techniques, Ingrid is very warm hearted, insightful and an absolutely amazing person.”

– What Emi is saying about this Meetup Group

“Dear Ingrid, It was a pleasure meeting you! Even though I came in late, I enjoyed myself and the class! I loved how the exercises are to improve the voice. Thank you for coaching every single one of us! Thank you for taking your time to be in all three cohorts. Personally, I keep doing the exercises that you taught in class and I have improved. Thank you!”

– Abraham

“I met Ingrid through a meet-up group that I joined recently called “To Your Best Voice” with my goal being twofold: increasing my confidence in my job search, and to improve my singing voice. Ingrid is a supportive coach and helped me find my best voice through non-judgmental vocal instruction exercises. I recommend her if you are looking to improve your vocal presentation.”

“I truly believe that we all need to be able to use our instrument to the best of our abilities. Our instrument being our voice. We all carry a musical instrument with us, but we don’t know what to do with it. Well that changes now!! Come and meet Ingrid. You’ll believe!!”

“The meet up was excellent. Ingrid was … no, she is great!!! I look forward to meeting her again. Gracias Ingrid!!”

“Ingrid is a positive person who gives lots of positive reinforcement, and great suggestions and techniques for voice improvement.”

“Ingrid is a great teacher. Every member received the best advice for their vocal needs. My friend and I enjoyed this meetup a lot.”